A secure base for a better future

Shelter, health care, and education for vulnerable children in Bali, Indonesia

In collaboration with partner organization Yayasan Sosial & Panti Asuhan "Elisama", the SAKO Foundation supports education and health care for 60-65 children. These children are living in one of the two family-like homes that Elisama has been running since 1991. While the children are provided with a safe home, they have the obligation to follow education. Every child is encouraged to complete a course that matches their possibilities and interests. Additionally, family and household tasks are equally shared with one another, suited to age and ability. Children learn to cook, wash, and care for each other. Every child has its own role within Elisama’s family-like homes. The organisation has a strong social network. Local facilities are used when possible: schools, medical facilities, church, temple etc. Thus, the children are given, as much as possible, a normal childhood and upbringing, embedded in the society of which they are part. Read more...


This project is supported by private sponsors of the SAKO Foundation, with an annual contribution of € 2,000. This amount is transferred to Elisama through the 'Pa van der Steur in the Netherlands' foundation (www.pavandersteur.org).