Our Vision

All children are important to us, irrespective of race, sex, social background, political and social affiliation, or religion. A carefree childhood requires a healthy start. That begins with a healthy pregnancy and safe child-delivery. The SAKO Foundation is committed to providing good mother-and-child care through accessible healthcare, clean drinking water, and health education. In addition, it is our goal that every child can fulfil its potential through good quality education. We want to provide children not only with the opportunity to learn how to read and write, but also for them to learn a trade so that they can provide for themselves and their families in the future. This means that children must be free to go to school and do not have to contribute to family income.

SAKO Foundation aims to connect existing structures and wants to contribute to local initiatives. We find it important that projects are community-driven. It is for this reason that we work together with small-scale local partner organizations that are part of the community. In addition, SAKO encourages cooperation between its partner organizations and with local and national government departments. We value one another's knowledge, facilities and institutions. SAKO strives to fill the gaps in health and education provision, aiming to prevent duplications at the same time. Through this approach, SAKO aims to offer structural solutions, which will be sustainable in the long run through the ownership of either local government or community.