Safe deliveries in the Meghna delta

Care for Mother and Child in Bakerganj, Bangladesh

 In the south of Bangladesh, SAKO Foundation supports the Mother and Child project of Chandradip Development Society (CDS). This project is being carried out in collaboration with the local government and aims to reduce the mortality rate around pregnancy and childbirth. Through education, preventive pregnancy health-checks, obstetric guidance before, during, and after delivery, and a good system of referral, CDS aims to lower the number of fatalities during pregnancy and childbirth. By providing preventive healthcare for babies up to the age of 6 months, CDS strives to assist young mothers and to give children a health start. Read more ... 


Shared responsibility: contributing is empowering

The SAKO Foundation has been supporting this program since 2007. At present, the financial support amounts to € 9,000 per year, and consists mainly of contributions from various private donors of SAKO. CDS itself contributes 10% of the total project costs. This is partly due to the small contributions that are asked to patients, but the majority comes from CDS own income. Employees of CDS do small consultancy assignments to other projects. The margin of these assignments is used by CDS for their own programs.


This project is initiated and implemented by partner organization CDS: