Street children get a second chance

"We care about the children who do not fit the system"

Education and training for street children in Jessore, Bangladesh

It is difficult for children who grow up in the slums to go to school and to stay in school. Partner organization DHARA has developed an alternative school program for children aged 9 to 15 who have lost connection with regular education. Not only the children, but the whole family is involved in this project. In addition to primary education, attention is paid to safety, and economic and social resilience. Read more...


Shared responsibility: contributing is empowering

Stichting SAKO has supported this project since 2009 with an amount of € 4,000 per year. DHARA contributes 25% of the project costs itself, through income-raising activities that are an integrated part of the program. An example of this is running a small business in seed breeding. The generated profit is spent on the school program.

Self-sufficiency does not only provide subsistence, it also significantly enhances people's self-worth. In 2001, DHARA established a number of women's groups that make clothing and accessories. These are sold in the organisation’s own store. The generated revenue is partly owed by the women's groups, and partly spent on the project in general.


This project is initiated and implemented by partner organization DHARA: