Vocational Training to promote the options of the

Technical education in Bangladesh, including a secondary school certificate

To increase the opportunities of young people on the labour market, the SAKO Foundation supports technical education for young people in Bangladesh. Partner organization Aloshikha founded the Vocational Training Institute (VTC) in 2010. The VTC offers students a two-year vocational training in four fields: welder, mechanic, electrician and clothing maker. Each year, around 115 pupils complete the program successfully, with a nationally recognized diploma in secondary education. By supporting the VTC, SAKO hopes to adequately equip young people for a better future. Read more...


Shared responsibility: contributing is empowering

The SAKO Foundation supports this program since it was founded in 2010. The construction has been realized with the support of Edukans, and a second Charity Foundation in the Netherlands. In 2017, the financial support amounted to € 16,600 per year and consisted of contributions from the ASML Foundation, De VastenAktie, and various private donors. Aloshikha, VTC students and the Government of Bangladesh carry 45% of the total project costs themselves. This is partly covered by school fees (to ability), but the majority is covered by income-generating agricultural activities of Aloshikha. The Government of Bangladesh bears the costs for textbooks, donated the computers in the computer room, and the costs for computer instruction.


This project is initiated and implemented by partner organization Aloshika: