Health Care

Poverty and health form a vicious circle. A life lived in poverty results in ill health, yet without good health it is nearly impossible to escape poverty. Those who are healthy can participate: they can learn, work, have fun, speak out, be active, start a family, and take care for both the previous and next generations.

In many developing countries, access to good healthcare is not self-evident. Each year, around 6 million children die from diseases that are easily prevented or cured by means of vaccinations or simple low-cost treatment. Pregnancy and child-birth are still an unacceptable high health risk for many women. Every two minutes, a mother dies as a consequence of pregnancy or childbirth. The SAKO Foundation wants to contribute to minimizing the substantial difference in life expectancy between people from richer and poorer countries, by improving the health care services in developing countries.

The SAKO Foundation collaborates with local partner organizations to improve healthcare services. Our focus is on preventive care through health education, and by raising people’s awareness of their health rights. Secondly, we strive towards a better-quality Mother & Child care, and improved accessibility of hospital care.