Around the world, about 66 million children do not go to school. In some cases, school-fees are too expensive, or the nearest school is still too far away. In other cases, children must help their parents to earn the family income. 250 million children do go to school, but do not learn nearly enough to prepare them for adult life. There might be a school building, yet it might be close to impossible to hire trained teachers, which is regularly the case in remote areas. Classrooms might be overcrowded. It is not unlikely that poorly trained and / or underpaid teachers provide low-quality education. These are just some of the reasons why many children never finish their school education. Research shows that education is key to creating opportunities. Even a few years of basic education already has a positive effect on the health and survival chances of children. Higher education is the key to economic growth and lower unemployment rates.

That is why the SAKO Foundation supports various educational projects for girls and boys. We focus on pre-primary education, and primary education, as well as on secondary education, and vocational training for young people. Good quality education and appropriate training is the first step towards a better future.