Chandradip Development Society (CDS) was founded and is led by Ms. Jahanara Begum Shapna. The headquarters of this female headed organization is located in the district capital of Barisal. The working area of ​​CDS is located around the Meghna River in southern Bangladesh, where the most rain falls in the world and the wettest place on Earth. It is also an area regularly hit by floods and hurricanes. The 29 villages that CDS visits in this area depend on fishing and small-scale agriculture. Seventy-five percent of households live below the poverty line. More than sixty percent of the inhabitants cannot read and write. The support that SAKO gives to this organization is specific in the field of care for mother and child, from pregnancy to six months after the birth of the child.

In addition to health care and education, CDS also tries to encourage regional governments to pursue policies that focus more on the needs of poor populations through lobbying and advocacy.


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